This topic is not directly related to bullying, but it does involve the kind of behaviors that bullies use to gain control over their targets.

I thought it was important to start a conversation and ask you to do the same in your schools, homes, sports teams, youth groups…wherever you interact with young people who need to learn about preventing sexual harassment, sexual assault and misogyny.

In fact, we ALL need to learn how to talk about this topic openly and honestly without judgment or political polarization. Accusations of sexual harassment and assault have become an epidemic in this country.

It is our responsibility to start the conversations NOW so young people have the skills and commitment to protect themselves and others that may get in harm’s way. While some of the conversations may not be appropriate for elementary school students, but it is important to start age appropriate conversations about body image and consent as early as possible.

As educators, parents, coaches and caregivers, we are on the front lines of communication.  It is imperative that we talk to young people about these issues so that they are prepared to face any situation they might encounter.

To help you to start the conversation, we have a few suggested resources courtesy of our friends at Making Caring Common.  These resources can be used by parents, educators, coaches or caregivers.

Let’s get talking!