We can all agree that bullying is a crisis in this country. But we also know that with the crisis comes an opportunity to make positive changes in the lives of young children and the adults who influence them. Our bully prevention programs provide a solution.

We teach children how to recognize, respond and report bullying. Then we take a few additional steps to teach them positive character traits such kindness, empathy and inclusiveness. We teach them social skills such as cooperation and resilience. The combination of these classes gives children an opportunity to make a difference both now and in their adult lives when they need to make responsible lifestyle choices.

We offer a variety of  standard programs that are offered on a regular basis. We also have programs that can be tailored to fit specific needs. Our programs are flexible in such elements as content, specific challenges, group size, age range, available space and time limitations.

Student Education

Our student bully prevention programs can be presented as whole school programs, home school programs, before/after school programs, summer programs, school break programs, lunchtime programs, grade-level programs or single classroom presentations. Click for student program info.

Parent Education

If you are a parent or guardian searching for practical information and tools to help the children in your life to stand up to bullying and develop positive character traits that will last a lifetime, then our parenting program is for you. Click for parent program info.

Educator Education

We offer professional development training for school administrators, classroom teachers, school staff, coaches and youth leaders. Click for educator program info.

Need more details or a customized solution?

We provide single presentations, length-specific programs or ongoing programs to suit your needs. We can also create an individualized plan of action that will provide the solutions you need.

Send us an email with the details of your situation and/or your contact info and we can discuss your options.