Bully Prevention Programs for Students

Bully prevention programs for students begin with learning what bullying really is. From that basic understanding we add the missing elements that build confidence and the capabilities kids need.


Before children can effectively stand up to bullying, they need to be able to identify bullying behavior and develop basic skills to resolve conflict in a positive way.

Using stories, crafts, videos, puppets, games, guest speakers, skits and group discussions we teach children to recognize, respond to, and report bullying.


When children are comfortable with identifying and responding directly to bullying, they can learn about how positive traits like empathy and kindness can go a long way in helping to resolve conflict.

Each class in this ongoing series covers a different trait such as cooperation, resilience and responsibility.

Using stories, crafts, videos, puppets, games, guest speakers, skits and group discussions we teach children to recognize and use positive character traits and prosocial behaviors to stand up to bullying.


Girls are especially vulnerable to relational/emotional bullying. This program will provide them with tools and skills they need to successfully navigate friendship challenges.

Interactive activities like skits, puppets, dance, group activities and discussions make our process fun. We teach girls to identify “drama” behaviors and how to use alternative behaviors to positively affect their friendships.


Competitive sports can be a breeding ground for bullying behavior in both boys and girls sports. This program is beneficial for children in all sports, including dance, cheer, football, baseball, soccer, etc.

We use interactive group activities, videos, games and group discussions. We teach children about teamwork, encouragement, healthy competition and fair play in sports.


This program teaches children about bullying and what the bible tells us about how to respond to bullying. It is best presented as part of a Sunday school curriculum.

Using object lessons, activities, games and scriptures verses, we teach children about bullying from a biblical perspective.

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This is the training on bullying that children need, but don’t get in school.
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