Bully Prevention Programs for Parents

Bullying doesn’t only affect the bully and the target. Bullying can negatively affect the relationships within families and between spouses. Bully prevention programs for parents help them learn how to support their bullied children in a positive and productive way.

Using group discussions and interactive activities, we teach parents and caregivers to recognize, report and respond to bullying. They learn how to recognize the signs that their child may be a target or a bully. They learn how to start the conversation about bullying with their families.

Parents will learn how to effectively interact with school officials and law enforcement officers when bullying issues occur. They will also learn about the federal and state laws regarding bullying.

Periodically, we also arrange support meetups for parents to give them opportunities to connect with other families affected by bullying and to provide opportunities for parents and families to get involved in working to get bully prevention education into Oklahoma schools.

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This is the training parents need to better help their children with bullying.