Why Your Child Could Be a Target of Bullying

The one thing that all children who are targeted by bullying have in common is that they are different than the bullying child.  Children who bully others use differences as justifications for bullying.

Differences can be big or small, visible on the outside or only hidden on the inside.  The list below is some of the more common differences that could potentially be a reason that a child may be the target of bullying.  

HOWEVER, if your child exhibits any of the differences on the list, it does not mean that they will automatically be a target of bullying.  Children can and should develop social skills and positive character traits that can help them stand up to bullying.

-Your child is the new kid on the block.

-Your child is one of the younger kids in school.

-Your child is traumatized by a previous experience.

-Your child is submissive, anxious or lacks self-confidence.

-Your child has behaviors that may be annoying to other children.

-Your child is unwilling to fight back with aggression.

-Your child is shy, reserved, timid or sensitive.

-Your family has more (or less) money than the average school family.

-Your child’s race or ethnicity is considered to be inferior or deserving of contempt.

-Your child’s religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or sexual identification are viewed as inferior or deserving of contempt.

-Your child is gifted or struggles to keep up.

-Your child is unconcerned about social status.

-Your child easily expresses emotions.

-Your child weighs more or less than the average child, wears glasses, needs braces or a skin condition.

-Your child has a food allergy.

-Your child has a mental or physical challenge that makes them look, sound or act differently than the average child.