Bullies and National Acts of Kindness Day

February is the month of love and kindness.  Valentine’s Day is on February 14th and National Random Acts of Kindness Day is on February 17th.

 Here at BullyCrisis.com, we are looking forward to celebrating both holidays along with you and your family!  To help you celebrate, we have created a February calendar that will give you some great acts of kindness that anyone can easily put into action.  Many of them don’t cost any money and some will cost just a few dollars to do.  Using this calendar, you can celebrate Random Acts of Kindness and show your love all month long.

We think every day should be a day of kindness!

To help you and your family celebrate all month long, we have created a special calendar that will give you lots of ideas for activities that you can do.  Some ideas won’t cost anything, and some may cost you just a small amount of money.

We want this calendar to help you to start thinking about what you can do to show love and kindness to your classmates, neighbors, parents or your siblings.  Just remember to keep it a secret….

We want to challenge you to really think about who you might know that could really benefit from receiving an act of kindness in their life.

Maybe it’s someone that has trouble making friends at work or school because they struggle with bullying or teasing others? Maybe some who has been the target of a bully and needs to have their spirits lifted?

Bullies can be mean, and you may not think they “deserve” to be shown kindness.  But they need love the most to show them that being kind feels way better than being mean.  Bullies are often the target of another person who is bullying them.  In turn, they bully others because it helps them to feel in control of their situation. 

We’d love to see your random acts of kindness in action!  You can email us your photos and stories to share.  In April, we’ll select some of them to post on social media (with your permission, of course).

Like we said, we think every day should be Random Acts of Kindness Day.  We are thinking about posting a calendar for each month for the rest of the year.  We’ll give you lots of ideas so that we can keep the kindness going all year!