Last week, we talked about what to look for in the policy, procedures and programs at your child’s school.  Along with bully prevention policies and procedures, you should also check to make sure that the programs are working toward making positive changes in the school climate and culture.

The programs should be designed to help teachers and staff to be proactive and strategic from the start.  Policies and procedures and rules and regulations can often become replacements for values.  They can be seen hanging in the classrooms, the library, the lunchroom and in the hallways but never take hold in the hearts and minds of the children

Programs should not be designed to “fix” a child’s behavior after the fact.  Schools should not be waiting for a child’s heart has become hardened by bullying.

School programs should be addressing the needs of every child equally. Focus should not be only on bullying, but a child’s social and emotional development as well.  In addition to teaching academic subjects, schools should be teaching topics such as effective communication skills, conflict resolution skills and how to recognize social cues (to name a few). These are the kind of skills that will help your kids learn to interact effectively and peacefully with each other and the world at large.

Whether your kid is the one who bullies others, the one being bullied or the bystander who watches and does nothing, your participation in their school community will help ensure that there is a shared sense of responsibility and accountability at home, at school and in the community.

Your involvement in the bullying intervention programs at your school can range from volunteering in your child’s classroom, supervising kids on the playground before/after school and during recess, monitoring unsupervised areas of the school where bullying usually occurs.  Becoming a member of the parent-teacher organization and participating in school sponsored activities are also great ways to stay involved. 

Research has shown us that effective bullying intervention programs have been successful in reducing and even elimination bullying behavior.  The earlier invention is initiated in schools, the better the chances that bullying will never even start!

Our mission at is to prevent bullying from ever getting started. We do this by teaching young children effective social skills and prosocial character traits that will help them not only stand up to bullying, but help them to become empathetic and compassionate citizens.

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