Usually, the Random Acts of Kindness that we choose for our calendar benefit many different people and can be used to brighten the day of almost any person.

In the work that we do at, I connect with moms from many different backgrounds that are doing their best to raise their families with whatever resources are available to them.  In case you didn’t already know this…being a mom is the hardest job on the planet… (I know from personal experience!)

In doing the research for this month’s calendar, I have been particularly aware of the struggles that moms seem to be challenged with…running out of diapers…making the tiniest of budgets stretch from paycheck to paycheck…struggling to put groceries in the car while the hungry baby is screaming at the top of her lungs…lack of rest and proper nutrition…the list goes on. 

I am certain that moms reading this blog can add hundreds of addition items to this list!

So, this month, our entire calendar is dedicated to MOMs…the ones you know and the ones you haven’t met. The ones who are just starting out, the ones smack dab in the middle of the teenage years, and the moms who have raised their families and are helping to raise the next generation of children. 

For the ones who can’t be with their children right now, for those who have lost a child and those who want to be moms but may not get the chance. For foster and adoptive moms, for grandmas acting as moms right now, for dads who may be challenged with the task of being both mom and dad.

Every mom needs to know that she is loved, cared for and mostly, that she is not alone in whatever situation she may be facing today.

Our May Random Acts of Kindness calendar is dedicated to mothers everywhere! 

Here is our May calendar…have fun spoiling the moms in your life!